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Sunday, 8 December 2013

GreenTex - a revolution for SME branding

GreenTex is a brand new exhibition and event wall covering product from greenhouse graphics.

The product is PVC free, in line with the company's strong sustainability printing policy, and offers a number of tangible benefits for businesses and organisations that wish to develop a strong brand message. These benefits are:

GreenTex is easy to apply and doesn't need a professional installation service.
GreenTex is tough and enduring
GreenTex is reusable
GreenTex leaves no residue on walls and is very easy to remove.
GreenTex is one of the most cost-effective ways of applying branded graphics to walls.

Whether you are planning an event, exhibiting or wish to add impact to your foyer of offices, GreenTex is a remarkable product that will make an instant impact. GreenTex was used as an event branding tool for the 2013 Rugby Expo at Twickenham stadium

Delivering bottom line results through great design

Here is the scenario:

An advertiser agrees to take out an advert (either online or offline) at a cost of several hundred pounds. Having spent this money, and not wanting to spend any more, they decide to put together their own advert in a software application they have access to.
They spend many hours creating their advert and finally submit it to the publisher.

The likely result of this?

1] The artwork will not be in the correct format for the publisher and will get rejected.
2] The artwork will not be in the correct format for the publisher, who will publish it anyway, regardless of how it looks.
3] The advert will not have impact. It may read like 'War and Peace', lack an appropriate structure, have no call to action, ignore brand values, not relate to any marketing or communications plan, have no colour management and will not have any clear call to action or method of monitoring the result.

The question I often ask myself is why do organisations and business spend sizeable sums of money on advertising space, but are reluctant to invest in marketing or design services to ensure the advert achieves tangible results? Especially when the spend on this is often significantly less than the spend on buying the space in the first place.

Is is similar to buying your favourite car, then not driving it because you don't want to spend money on the petrol!

If you are not sure of the tangible results of professional design services, take a look at this video about the benefits of great design.